Regular hours: 7pm - BarTime, Friday through Sunday. We feature bands "Alive at Eight" each of those nights, followed by DJs, as before. Please feel free to pitch to us at any time (see "CONTACT" page) and do frequently check the "BAND & DJ SCHEDULE."

Okay, okay...I was just brushing my teef; is it November already?! Note The Danglers' 3-night stand ["Love 'em or Hate 'em!] the weekend of 11 February, as well as the special Thursday 17 February birthday celebrex! Thanks to all who helped make special the 2010 Holy Daze, too.

We still have new Circle-A wear featuring two colors of long-sleeve jerseys plus zippered hoodys. Check out the "Eat/Drink..." page for details. You'll also find there other weirdo items for sale, as we reduce our inventory and fund the parties in the style to which Circle-A patrons have become accustomed!

Whatever you do, stay tuned in, turned on & in touch,


Always the first hour we're open, before the live entertainment starts.

Circle A is all about music & fun. We treat our patrons as adults and expect the reciprocal attitude and behavior.
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